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Post your story.

Post  sk8r-kid on Mon Jul 19, 2010 5:59 pm

Alright, so basically this was in the epicduel forums, but like everything else, it got dis-regarded because of all other posts.. So I'm reposting it :]

What's your epicduel story?

Here's mine:

In the realm of darkness, BarneyStillPwnsU arose. As he lay in the sand, waiting to be reborn in this crewl world, he struk a deal with the lord of light. The lord of light said that Barney could be reborn, but in a little place called Delta V, and he must fight for good, not for evil. In other words, help rid and slay all the evil souls in Delta V... There was many. This was too much of a difficult task for BarneyStillPwnsU so he decided to call it quits, he stayed in the power of the light just long enough to have overwhelming power and then he left and joined the dark side once again... But this time, not even the lord of light could stop him.. He was impossible to beat.. He was feared by all ... He was... He is ... BarneyStillPwnsU.


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