Epicduel Related Poems..

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Epicduel Related Poems..

Post  sk8r-kid on Mon Jul 19, 2010 6:01 pm

The rixty contest gave me the idea for this thread, here's mine:

"2 vs 2"
By: Sk8r-kid ( Barney Pwns You )

If you believe you are one with the game,
you shall never fall in shame.
You will get up, face your fears,
Challenge your enemys and help your peers.

You want to quit, your partner is no help,
you want to refresh, you feel like a helpless whelp.
Suddenly, you look at their stats,
and think: to win will be as easy as fooling several rats.

Your accomplice has done his deed,
but there is no doubt that I must proceed,
to destroy the one that caused him distress,
I must strategize as if this was a game of chess.

I've just been drained of my strength,
I cannot keep an arms length.
Intimidate is draining me,
I feel like a dead, soleless tree.

Finally, the deadly wait has paid its due,
I am on the ground suffering, I can assure you this is true.
Rage has striken me, finally, I think it's over.
Artillery strike can only go so far, I'm hoping for a lucky clover.

As I am kneeling on the ground, my partner lay beside
I hope he is proud of me, I have made a huge stride.
I have avenged him, two soleless players, dead in my view.
This was not a first for me, it was not a deja vu.

Although this match is over, I cannot comprehend...
Why must it be like this? Why can't it end?
Although I think this, I'm afraid I must persue
My goal and play another "2 vs 2".

post yours Very Happy


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Re: Epicduel Related Poems..

Post  BigBoy on Tue Jul 27, 2010 8:52 am

That waaas bootiful...
when ur suffering..
ill be there..
huggin u..

Thats my poem xD
about chu

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