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Post  Devil2k8 on Thu Jul 15, 2010 1:23 pm

Devils Wrath...

Founded: 27th May 2010 1:30AM
Alignment: Exile
Influence (02 July 2010) 14K

1. Must be lvl 25+
2. 10 wins a week (Execption of 10 in 1 day)
3. Members/Officers must be Active at least 4 days a week
4. Members have a 1 week Trial

Must have at least 200+ wins to have the chance of becoming an officer (This doesn't mean you WILL become one)
Other factors including: how active you are, your battle record Etc..

10 wins a week (Execption of 10 in 1 day)
NOT Class specific

Recruit Form (Feel free to copy):

Character Name: (Any)
Character Level:(Min of 25)
Wins Per Week: (Min of 10)
Your last faction (s): (If non, Put N/A)

Left or kicked out of the faction (If you were in/founded a faction)

How active are you? (In hours of day):(Min of 2)

You aggree to the Epicduel's rules, ToS and the Factions Rules?:(Yes/No)

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Devils Wrath Empty Re: Devils Wrath

Post  button33 on Thu Jul 15, 2010 5:52 pm

Good luck with Your faction.


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