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Phenomenon, is an Exile faction. You can do whatever battle mode you want, 1v1 or 2v2. But, when instructed to do so, do the battle mode we tell you to. It was founded by Ace1092 on July 1st, 2010. We do have a requirement, just to know that you are actually playing.
IF doing 1v1 get 10 wins a day, we just want to know your here.
IF doing 2v2 get 5 wins a day.
Rules and regulations:
1. No exploiting the game.
2. Follow the requirements. (Notify officers if you will be inactive)
3. Have fun, if your not having fun than leave.
4. If you leave, you are NOT welcome back.
5. Follow the above.
Ace1092 and War Orc are having internet problems, they will be active soon!
Officers are ordered by wins.
If your inactive for 3 days an never notified us and someone wants to join, you will be kicked.
Fill out this form and PM it to me if you want to join.
1v1 wins/losses:
2v2 wins/losses:
Recent factions:
And finally here is the faction

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