Tech Mage Moves

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Tech Mage Moves

Post  E.Hero Sparkman on Mon Jul 12, 2010 7:49 pm

Tech Mage Moves:
Field Medic: Restores your health or an ally's health during combat. Level 1 Skill

Defense Matrix: Increases physical defense for you or any ally during combat. Level 1 Skill

Plasma Bolt: Fires a bolt of energy damage at an enemy target. Level 1 Skill, STR Requriment
Technician: Improves technology of any allied character during combat. Level 2 skill

Bludgeon: Inflicts enhanced physical damage using the staff's blunt end. Level 2 skill.

Overload: Fires a lightning bolt with a 30% base chance to stun. Level 2 skill.
3rd Tier
Malfunction: Strike and reduce an enemy's technology during combat. Level 5 skill. Must learned Technician first

Reroute: Passively converts a percent of all damage received to energy (passive skill) Level 5 skill. Must learn Bludgeon first.

Plasma Rain: Rains energy damage down upon all members of the enemy team. Level 5 skill. Must learn Overlord first.
4th Tier
Supercharge: Fires an energy charge; ignores 20% resistance; 30% life stealing. Level 10 skill Must learn Plasma Rain first.

Deadly aim: Passively increases the damage of the equipped sidearm (passive skill). Level 10 skill. Must learn Plasma Rain first.

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Assimillate - 4th tier Skill

Post  DestinySeriously on Mon Mar 28, 2011 5:16 am

Deals 100% primary weapon damage.Steals energy from enemy target, adds 50% to your energy pool(rounded up)


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